Watch Sammy Davis Jr. On BBC Impersonate Famous Friends

Sammy Davis Jr
I spent quite a bit of my youth with my Grandparents and that is what I think set me on the course of become a writer for the Retroist, I was lulled to sleep in the afternoons listening to the likes of the Mills Brothers, Nat King Cole, and of course the one and only Sammy Davis Jr.

I had a great deal of love for the Rat Pack many years before I was able to truly find out what they represented and how they changed the culture of the mid-1960s. A lot of the music on my shelf is peppered with the likes of Martin and Sinatra but the bulk of it is from Davis and when you watch the video below provided by Corporal Henshaw you will see why.

Just a few of the celebrities that Davis impersonates is Errol Flynn, Boris Karloff, and his Rat Pack friends Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart (Who really started the Rat Pack), Marlon Brando, and Jerry Lewis.


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