T.R.O.Y Roger Hill

T.R.O.Y Roger Hill

When someone passes on in the hip hop community it’s tradition to send them off with a T.R.O.Y or The Reminisce Over You instead of the more common R.I.P. This custom was started by rap duo Pete Rock and CL Smooth when they recorded a song of the same name in 1992. On the song they reminisce about lost family members and fallen hip hop comrades.

Today we are here to reminisce over actor Roger Hill who went the way of all flesh this past Thursday the 20th. Roger is probably most known for playing charismatic gang leader Cyrus in the cult classic movie, The Warriors. In the the pic Cyrus calls a citywide gang summit as a means to unify the various criminal sets of New York into one unit, believing that their strength in numbers could easily beat down the city’s police force. If only they could put aside their differences and work together. It’s a monumental scene and Roger Hill gives one of the most rousing monologues ever set to film. A speech that he largely improvised. It’s an amazing moment.


After The Warriors Mr.Hill largely retired from the movie game and concentrated on Broadway. Eventually he returned to film but this time on television where he played Alex Lowndes from 1983-1984 on the ABC soap opera One Life To Live. In his final years Mr.Hill worked as a librarian in his home base of New York City.

Roger Hill. Thank you for all of your fine work. They Reminisce Over You.


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  1. Caught The Warriors on Netflix last week. An untouched, HD version is available there and rewatching it was simply terrific!
    Roger Hill’s Cyrus is thrilling and gets the ball rolling masterfully in this, one of the greatest action films of the 70s.

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