Star Wars Question and Answer Book About Space

Star Wars Question and Answer Book About Space

Hi kids, your old pal IseeRobots here again, While digging around in a discard bin outside of a thrift store I frequent. Hey,you can find some good things in there. It’s mostly books and that sort of thing, not wet veggies and gnarly stuff. Anyhow I was poking around in there and found this neat Star Wars book. I’m surprised they’d threw something with those mythical words on it. Star Wars is one of the things that non collectors know that nerdy people like to collect and collectibles equal big money. Anyway,I found it in there and brought it home with me along with some other things I picked up. Nothing worth mentioning.

So I got the book home and quickly saw why they tossed it. It’s kind of lame. Basically the idea is that some drawings of R2D2 and C3PO are thrown together with some random stock pictures of stars and whatnot along with questions about outer-space. I think that I should point out that I scanned in like six pages out of like 65 pages of the book. These are literally the only good parts It’s totally boring. Consider this the abridged version.

I don’t want to be too negative about my find because it’s possible that this project was meant with the best intentions. Anything is possible. But A book that combines R2D2 and The VIKING Robot should be all that and a bag of chips and this book is only a slice of Wonderbread and a handful of Bugles. Not that it’s all bad though. There are some good parts like these drawings right here.My fave is the one where C3PO is looking into a black hole. What’s not to like about that? Also the one where R2 is bounding around on the moon is particularly great. I like the question on the other one too “What would happen if an asteroid crashed into the Earth?” We’d be doomed fool. Not for millions of years though.






You know overall I do think that I liked this book. It was published by Scholastic and was more than likely one of the books that you could order from those handouts that they’d pass out in class. Maybe not though. Maybe it was an in class supplement of some sort. I don’t really know and I should. I apologize for that. I was too busy giggling at the idea of C3PO getting sucked into a black hole to do my proper research,

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  1. I love this! The artwork is great, even if the rest of the content is rubbish :)

  2. I have the Computer edition of this series. I didn’t know they made others! Thanks for posting.

  3. In the recesses of my mind these images seem familiar. I’m pretty sure my grade school library had this and I checked it out as a kid. Glad you posted it. :)

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