Troll Times Magazine reports on the Rubik’s Cube back in 1982

Hi kids your old pal IseeRobots here again. Well, I spent another weekend locked down in the Retroist Magazine vault reshelving periodical returns. It’s not so bad. The boss is a taskmaster but sometimes I stumble upon cool stuff like this little article here from the 3rd issue of Troll Times magazine published in late 1982.

I’m not familiar with The Troll Times (sadly it has nothing to do with bothering people on message boards) and a very cursory internet search did nothing to help familiarize me with the product. It’s some sort of children’s magazine that’s focus is on wholesome things like Australian animals and BMX bike riding, also Rubik’s Cubes.

The magazine was published during the Rubik’s fad that took over the nation for a quick minute in the early 80’s. I love articles like these that introduce kids to toys that they probably already have in a manner that suggests that they have never even heard of the amazingly popular item. It’s very, what’s the word when you are being sort of rude and talking down to someone? Oh ya, patronizing.



For more info on the Rubik’s cube check out The Retroist’s very thorough podcast on the subject. You can find it HERE! It beats the Troll Times article to death with data…

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