Did you get your Hardee’s Home Alone 2 Movie Poster?


I worked at a video store during the 1990s and even after the movies initially came out on VHS, if we wanted to movie copies of Home Alone or its sequel, we merely had to put i on the TV. It was that big a deal. So it does not surprise me that some fast food chain would give away something related to the film to bring in customers. This commercial from Hardee’s, besides containing some nice little Home Alone-esque slapstick, also shows what a phenomenon the Home Alone movies were at the time.

It is sort of unusual that this wasn’t part of a Home Alone kid’s meals, instead you had to eat a big boy meal to get this. Which makes me think this ad was meant for parents who could be the hero by gobbling down their Hardee’s during their lunch break.


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