What Video Game System gave you the most bang for your Buck in 1982?

What Video Game System gave you the most bang for your Buck in 1982?

While doing some research in the bowels of The Retroist Magazine Vault I came across a very interesting article in the November 1982 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine.

The focus of said article was: What game system gives you the most bang for your buck? The results might surprise you. That’s what the article claims at least. You know, considering that I’m not overly familiar with the system that they like best (Spoiler Alert! It’s the Astrocade) I guess I am a bit surprised.

Did anyone out there have an Astrocade? I don’t think that anyone I knew back in the day did. If they did I they never let me play with. Maybe too embarrassed that it wasn’t an Atari..

What I think is neat is that it’s possible that your folks read this before deciding what system to give you for your birthday or Christmas so if you wound up with an Astrocade instead of an Atari this might be why…

The scans aren’t the best. I didn’t want to remove the pages from the magazine so they are sometimes a bit blurry around the edges but if you open the image with your picture viewer you should be able to read them easy enough. I had no problem reading the articles when I looked at them at full size.







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  1. Back in 82 Astrocade was the system that gave the best home arcade experience at the time. That is until the ColecoVision hit the scene :) I have my original Astrocade still and love playing The Incredible Wizard and Galactic Invasion!

  2. I have my Astrocade and it still works. I’ll write a post with photos. Incredible Wizard is still the best.

  3. This was pretty eye opening for me. Our local stores didn’t even carry the Astrocade to my recollection. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one in person – and now I’ve gotta check it out.

  4. Vin, YouTube has some vids of gameplay from the Bally. I’ll put together a post too! I plugged it into my HDTV, it’s hilarious.

  5. So I left a long reply, but using IE8 at work (wish they update this antiquated browser) the submit page didn’t load properly and now the message is gone. To make it short, cool post! Go Coleco!

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