Bally’s “Scared Stiff” Pinball Promo Featuring Elvira

Images courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.
Images courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.

Now to be fair, my favorite pinball table of all time is Williams “Monster Bash” featuring the Universal Monsters…well, as a rock group. Still I’ve always loved things related to horror movies and Bally’s “Scared Stiff” featuring Elvira the Mistress of the Dark certainly filled that bill.

In my neck of the woods we didn’t have a local channel that was carrying the KHJ TV show but thankfully in 1985 I was able to rent some of the ThrillerVideo VHS tapes and was introduced to the character of Elvira that way. Not only did I like the movies she was sharing but I was digging her Valley Girl attitude.

So it was kind of shocking when on vacation back in 1996 I found the “Scared Stiff” pinball machine at a gas station called the Oasis. I ponied up my fifty-cents and gave it a shot…I would like to tell you that I did well, but that is just not the case.

Still, I have fond memories of the table and thanks to D.F.Brown we can now watch the promo video used to sell the table and just happens to be hosted by Elvira herself.

As you can see even the Flyer uses Elvira’s attitude!
Scared Stiff B - Arcade Flyer ArchiveScared Stiff - Arcade Flyer Archive

A huge thanks as always to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the awesome flyer scans!


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