Stan Lee: Master of the Universe


Please forgive my tardiness with this post as it is probably old news to many of you. I just discovered today that Stan Lee, the big man at Marvel, has been turned into an Eternian called, wait for it, STANDOR!

The Masters of the Universe line of toys has seen a lot of unusual creations but surely this is one of the strangest? Standor, Cosmic Creator of Power, is actually referred to on the packaging as one of “the great Gods of the multiverse” who helped to bring all life to the universe. So there you have it.


I can’t say that this is a figure that I’d want to own but I do find it interesting that Stan Lee should be involved with MOTU at a time when DC has such close ties to the series. For more information, take a look at Comics Alliance and The Fwoosh.

And because the internet is awesome, artist jaeTanaka over at deviantArt has created this awesome first issue comic cover!

Standor Comic

Behold the power of infinite imagination!

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