Straight out of the Nineties…It’s the Mall of America Official Souvenir Video


In the mid-1990s I took a winter trip to Minnesota and one of the places I got to visit was the Mall of America. I grew up in a state that is clogged with malls, but even I was impressed at the size of this mall. My friend and I got there in the morning, determined to walk the entire mall. It took us well into the afternoon, but we finally did it. What did I buy on that excursion? Absolutely nothing, since I used most of my savings getting to Minnesota, but I did eat in the food court and video taped some of the experience to share with my family back in New Jersey.

Sadly the video failed to impress them. I should have just bought this high-quality Mall of America Official Souvenir Video and left the bulky VHS camera back at the motel. With its “snappy” hosts, wailing guitar rifts and vérité style, it is a great 90’s time capsule.


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