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Back when the internet was still being printed on dead trees and you wanted to find an article that someone had written in a magazine, you would go to your local library and hope they had an index of that magazines contents or you searched through each back-issue until you found it. But what did you do if your library didn’t even know about the magazines you read? This is exactly what was happening in the 1970s and early 1980s to computer users.

One such computer user, Eldon Berg, went into his local library one day and asked if they carried Byte magazine and the librarian replied, “We don’t subscribe to counter cultural magazines.” It was then that Berg decided to create an index of computer related articles for enthusiasts and the Periodical Guide for Computerists Online was born.

Recently Berg put these guides up on his website in PDF format for people to download and enjoy. So if you are a retro technology enthusiast and want to stroll down memory lane or are looking for an article printed between 1975 and 1981, hop on over and download and browse.


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