New Order in “Regret Beach Dance Party USA”


I love New Order, probably even more than Joy Division, the much darker post-punk band they were before singer Ian Curtis killed himself and the rest of the band subsequently regrouped and discovered synthesizers and irresistible hooks. But for while New Order made catchy, danceable songs like “True Faith” and “Bizarre Love Triangle,” they always seemed a bit more serious than other ‘80s synth pop bands, likely owing to the substantial Joy Division legacy. Which is why it was so baffling that for an appearance on Top of the Pops in 1993, New Order produced this quasi-music video for their return-to-rock hit “Regret” in which they play on a beach and are accompanied by the cast of Baywatch. They even wanted to get David Hasselhoff to lip sync, but that was nixed. Is it all an attempt at humor? Straight-faced irony? An attempt to leave the darkness of the past behind? All of the above!

Brian Boone

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