A Saturn Bomberman preview

Saturn Bomberman

One of the many Tumblr blogs I follow is Old Game Magazines which offers me an endless supply of nostalgia for the video game magazines I read in my youth. A recent image from the blog caught my attention – a preview of the then-upcoming Saturn Bomberman from issue 48 of Mean Machines Sega in October 1996.

Saturn Bomberman Preview

I remember reading everything I could find about this game, even though I had little chance of ever owning the machine to play it on. Fortunately I had a friend who would go on to buy the machine and the game and I wasted very little time in visiting and having him fire up the new “10-player widescreen mode”.

What came next was extraordinary. I was used to playing SNES Super Bomberman 3 on my 4:3 19″ TV screen, so the jump to 32″ widescreen with 10 players all fighting (bombing!) for screen space was nothing short of memorizing! We played that game, 2 humans teamed against 8 CPU’s for months and we still occasionally fire up the Saturn to have another stab at it.

My one regret is that I never got to play with 9 other humans. 4-player Bomberman on the SNES was hilarious, nuanced, tactical, exciting and above all a huge amount of fun so scaling that up to 10-players must have been amazing. Perhaps one day I’ll play in that game…

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