He-Man Riding A Lion Is The Greatest Piece Of Artwork…Ever!

Image courtesy of EarlNorem.com

Image courtesy of EarlNorem.com

The question that might first cross your mind as you look at the artwork above is ‘Why IS He-Man astride a lion on the plains of the African Savanna?” and perhaps it is followed by your brain reminding you “Who cares? That is the most epic Masters of the Universe artwork ever!”.

He-Man - Earl Norem

This piece of art as you can see came from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe magazine, it was painted by Earl Norem, a well known illustrator for many popular brands like Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Conan, Transformers, and Planet of the Apes to name a few. Follow the link to check out more of his artwork!

Like for Roboto!
Roboto - Earl Norem

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4 thoughts on “He-Man Riding A Lion Is The Greatest Piece Of Artwork…Ever!

  1. I agree. The “who cares” sentiment is what sells me on this artwork. I like to imagine the story, but maybe I should just let it be. Let it be as is and just enjoy the badassery.

  2. I actually know the story behind that image…it’s even more nonsensical yet shockingly mundane than you can imagine. The location pictured is referred to as “The Wild Jungle”, and according to the Greetings page of the magazine it appears in, is found on Eternia. There is even a MoTU styled tribesman involved. Past that page however there is no mention of this nonsense, but there are a few articles dedicated to animals and Africa. So, while I guess this whole thing was created to be able to tenuously tie in to whatever stock articles the magazine had laying around, we still get the madness (and awesomeness) of that cover image and the knowledge that Kenya and Eternia have more in common than we ever dared dream…

  3. I don’t think he-man riding a lion is a big deal. After all, just paint it green & throw some armor on it and you have battlecat.

    What I find epicly bizarre is the herd of elephants that skeletor is riding. It’s been established that large cats like lions & tigers exist in some form on eternia (although they’re usually green or purple), but I can’t recall elephants of any color ever appearing in eternia.

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