Retro Pixel Art Display Controlled Via Your Smartphone!

Images courtesy of PIXEL V2: LED ART Kickstarter Page.
Images courtesy of PIXEL V2: LED ART Kickstarter Page.

Being a Retroist writer and an employee at an arcade it would stand to reason that I might have a passing interest in 8-Bit artwork, so when Al Linke was kind enough to send some information our way about a new Kickstarter allowing you to control Retro Pixel LED artwork with your smartphone, it certainly seemed like just the thing to share with you all.

Pixel LED Art

From the Press Release that Al sent: “If you enjoy playing retro games or viewing and creating pixel art you are sure to enjoy this new Pixel LED Art Display which has been specifically designed and created to display pixel artwork to its best effect and be controlled directly from your Android device or PC.

Al Linke creator of the retro Pixel LED Art Display explains: “I reached out to pixel art community and found artists to collaborate on the project. They seemed to like the idea of having this new medium composed solely of LEDs to show off their work. I ended up collaborating with 10 pixel artists from all over the world who created over 150 works of pixel art.”

The software and hardware created for the Pixel LED Art Display are both open source and offer a 32 x 32 pixel display for a total of 1024 ultra-bright LEDs to showcase your creations or animated images. The Pixel LED Art Display allows users to easily change the pixel artwork being showcased or even create and upload your very own.”


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