Batgirl Valentine’s Day Cards

Batgirl Valentine’s Day Cards

I don’t make a secret of that fact that Batgirl is my favorite superhero. Nope, I feel no shame for like a female character the best. I mean, come on dudes. What’s not to like? She’s spunky, redheaded, cute, cool and every other awesome thing you could want in a fictional figure.

Anyhow, I was poking around the net looking for some cool Batgirl related Valentine’s cards for my wife who doesn’t like Batgirl quite as much as me but still appreciates her awesomeness. Remember this kids a thoughtful vintage card will always beat a brand new store-bought card. That’s just a fact. Girls like retro things just as much, if not more than we do. They just like different things. Things like Valentine’s Day cards..

So I was poking around looking for some cards when I stumbled on these beautiful vintage cards from the 50’s. They’re up on Ebay right now and the seller wants 15 dollars. Not too bad. Sadly though, they’d never make it to me in time. Let’s hope that a color copy will be enough to keep my lovely wife happy. I imagine it will. It’s the thought that counts and she knows my aim is true.. I’ve included a couple other Batgirl/Superfriends cards that I found out there on the web. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as well…






Have a great Valentine’s Day kids and if you happen to have a minute to spare head on over to Facebook and give your old pal IseeRobots a big thumbs up!


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  1. Love these!! Nice work :)

  2. Thanks Hayden. I appreciate that. Good work to you too for the whole Robocop week idea. It’s been awesome to see all the different Robocop ideas in all the brilliant minds here at The Retroist!

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