Quentin Tarantino was once an Elvis Impersonator on the Golden Girls

Director Quentin Tarantino’s attraction to rockabilly is pretty well-known. What most probably don’t recall is that he tried his hand at being an Elvis impersonator for a while. Alas, he was not, apparently, a very good one, and couldn’t land much work. One of the few jobs he got, though, was red meat for any Retroist fan: a brief appearance in a 1988 episode of The Golden Girls.


According to an 1994 interview with Playboy, Tarantino preferred a less-flashy version of the king.

Well, it was kind of a high point because it was one of the few times that I actually got hired for a job. I was one of 12 Elvis impersonators, really just a glorified extra. For some reason they had us sing Don Ho’s Hawaiian Love Chant. All the other Elvis impersonators wore Vegas-style jumpsuits. But I wore my own clothes,because I was, like, the Sun Records Elvis. I was the hillbilly cat Elvis. I was the real Elvis; everyone else was Elvis after he sold out.

Maybe that’s just not the Elvis people wanted to see in the 80’s.

[via] the Open Culture Institute


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