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I recently posted about a game I played called Penguin Adventure on my MSX computer. Since that post I’ve been itching to play MSX games again but I wanted an immediate fix. It turns out that this is perfectly possible thanks to browser emulators like JaMSX.


Gradius (above right) is a great game on the platform and has plenty of exclusive features. Hyper Rally (above left), despite sapping hour after hour in my youth, hasn’t aged well but is still a curio and is worth playing.

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3 thoughts on “Play MSX games in your browser

  1. I used to have a list of a bunch of these types of sites for different systems, mostly NES, SNES, and genesis. I know there’s also at least one or two for the apple II.
    It’s unfortunate that most/all of them rely on java, but then again I prefer to play with standalone emulators anyway (for one thing, you can use joysticks).

    When I emulate MSX games, I use the “bluemsx” emulator. It takes a bit of figuring out (at least if you want to play disk or tape based games, though cartridge ones are pretty straightforward), but once you get beyond that it’s good. It can even play colecovision and sg100 games (though you have to switch the the appropriate bios file first). Apparently the original hardware for colecovision & sg100 were almost msx compatible, so porting games between them all was easy.

  2. There is a Javascript-powered MSX emulator but this Java version worked well with little effort from the user. I’ll be sure to check out BlueMSX as I’d love to revisit some games on a big screen with a better controller!

  3. Java isn’t too bad overall, it’s just inconvenient. 99.9% of java on the web these days is just advertising crap, certainly not worth constantly being nagged about updating java for, so I keep java disabled. Using java emulators means having to go & re-enable java and restart my browser, just to have to reverse the process when I’m done. It’s less hassle to just close my browser & open a dedicated emulator program. :p

    btw, Here’s a screenshot of gradius in bluemsx:

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