I became a boxer because of “The Perfect Weapon”


That title is a tad misleading. As a kid, I was interested in martial arts, but didn’t really pursue it until I saw the film “The Perfect Weapon” starring Jeff Speakman. I was impressed with the rapid-fire hand strikes he displayed. He was using a martial art known as Kenpo Karate. I eventually found a school that taught Kenpo. However, they taught several styles such as Jun Fan Gung Fu, thaiboxing, Kali, and a few others. When I visited the school, I saw something that almost turned me off; boxing. Sifu Ray Longo explained that at the core of everything they did there was western boxing. I figured I’ll do whatever it takes to learn Kenpo Karate which was taught by another trainer, kickboxer Mike Ryan.


After a week of training, I didn’t think I’d ever get as good as Jeff Speakman. Truth is, I never got as good as Speakman when it came to Kenpo, because I lost my focus. The thing I rejected most about that school became the thing I couldn’t live without; boxing. After a couple of months, it because my sole focus. While I still enjoyed learning these other styles, I couldn’t get enough of boxing and I thank Jeff Speakman’s “The Perfect Weapon” for getting me there. By the way, to this day, when I do train, I have Snap!’s “The Power” which is featured in the film, in my playlist.

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