Saturday Frights – The Picture of Dorian Gray (1973)


Hey creeps, I gotta tell you all about what I found when I was trying to throw away all of the shi…I mean when I was cataloging all of the priceless artifacts stored in the attic of the ol’ Vault. Located right behind an unnervingly large portrait of Martha Raye (seriously Projectionist, what the actual hell?) was a stack of unmarked film canisters…but what in the name of Basil Gogos could they contain?

Hmm...why yes I do feel that my hair style is perfectly in sync with this Victorian age...the times, the times...
Hmm…why yes I do feel that my hair style is perfectly in sync with this Victorian age…the times, the times…

Well, when I screened them I found out what happens when you get your Dark Shadows chocolate in your Oscar Wilde peanut butter! That’s right ghouls in those canisters I found a print of none other than a version of the classic tale The Picture of Dorian Gray produced by the legendary Dan Curtis (Kolchak, Trilogy of Terror), and now I’m going to share with you all of its Victorian fashions, 70’s hair-do’s and Dark Shadows recycled music (well, since Curtis produced that too I guess that gets a free pass)!

Daniel XIII

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