The Atari 400 Magazine Advertisement

The Atari 400 Magazine Advertisement

I never had an Atari 400. My first computer was a Tandy. I don’t remember the exact name or model but what i do remember is that we had this game called Downland that me and my bro played like crazy. Man we loved some Downland.

Anyway, this isn’t about that this is about THE ATARI 400. I don’t know too much about it really but while poking around in some old magazine at my place of work I stumbled across this cool advert and thought that maybe some of you characters might want to take a peek at it. I hope that you do because the effort to get it to you was insane. I’m kidding. I just had to scan it in on my lunchbreak. I hardly broke a sweat.

The Atari 400 was released in 1979 and it cost a whopping 540 dollars. It was marketed as a computer for the kiddies and came equipped with a rugged exterior case to protect it’s valuable innards from all sorts of childish shenanigans.


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  1. I used to stare at ads like these for hours, as if wishing for one of these would magically make one appear. By the time we got around to getting a computer, the 400/800 were no longer in production. Thanks for sharing!

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