Star Wars Products For One And All..

Hey kids! Your old pal IseeRobots here with more magazine scans. I know how much you kiddies love the Star Wars. I mean, I do too but probably not as much as some of you other guys. I’m more of a Star Trek guy but hey, us nerds got to stick together. It does no good to infight when we’re all in one big nerdy gang right?

Anyhow, this is some pretty tight stuff if you ask me.. That Han Solo edition blaster is neat as is that Tie Fighter model kit. It’s for the 12 inch figures so it must have been HYOOGE! And those vans. Nothing screams 70’s cool like a custom van. I know they are models not real custom van kits but still, Star Wars Custom Van! That phrase is so cool that it deserves to be capitalized..


Imagine how dope it’d be if you could do up a R2D2 van like the one in the ad in real life. I guess what you might want to do is get one of those Pepsi Coolers from a few years back and glue the head to the top of your ride. It would probably fall off but for the time that it was there it’d be great..

Anyway, thanks for checking in and you guys have a great day and remember to be careful out there.

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