Frankenstein’s Monster Wants Shasta Soda In This 1976 TV Commercial!

Shasta Soda - Frankenstein
Well, to be fair it’s Frankenstein himself that sends his creation to the supermarket to fetch some Shasta soda in this commercial. There are three other things in this vintage ad that make me happy besides the inclusion of the Frankenstein Monster:

1) Dr. Frankenstein calls his creation Igor/Ygor. This would mean that the commercial is canon to the Universal Monsters films as in 1942’s The Ghost of Frankenstein Ygor has his brain placed into the Monster’s body. I admit I might be looking a little too deeply into the ad with that idea.
2) The store clerk at the supermarket is played by none other than John Fiedler, who you might know better as the voice of Piglet in Walt Disney’s Winnie the Pooh.
3) The commercial itself is narrated by Tom Bosley (Happy Days).

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