The Miracle on Ice

The Miracle on Ice

miracle on ice 1980

I have to confess that, as a Brit, I know little of Ice Hockey. We don’t play it at school and it isn’t a sport that we see on TV on a regular basis. So please forgive me when I say that, until now, I knew nothing of that famous 1980 Winter Olympic moment known as the Miracle on Ice.

Thanks to the approaching Sochi Olympics, I got to learn about this event as part of a “History of…” programme on TV. Given the magnitude of the win by the USA over the USSR, I’m surprised that I knew nothing of it. I’m so pleased that I now do though and I’ll take the earliest opportunity to watch the whole game on Youtube. Until then, I’ll settle for the highlights.

I’m also on the hunt for the 1981 ABC TV movie of the same name. I love sports films and this one sounds great. Disney made a new film called Miracle in 2004 with Kurt Russell which I’m sure is good, but I’m betting the ’81 film is the better of the two.

Whilst researching this post, I also found the great image below from Schmidt Beer that I wanted to share.

schmidt olympic team poster

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  1. Great Britain won the gold in ice hockey in 1938 Olympics.

  2. 1936 Olympics

  3. Speaking as an avid fan of hockey and having seen both the TV movie and the Disney version with Kurt Russell, I can say with confidence that the latter is the better of the two. It’s not even close. Russell is outstanding as USA coach Herb Brooks and the on ice scenes are way more convincing and authentic. I actually consider Miracle as one the best sports movies I’ve ever seen. The TV movie was quickly slapped together to cash in on the craze whereas Miracle was carefully planned and cast with a great script and on ice action. Being Canadian, if the action scenes on the ice are not convincing, it’s not worth watching.

  4. Guess I’ll need to watch both then!

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