People’s Court Board Game

People’s Court Board Game

This week me and the wife hit up some thrift shops in a part of town that we don’t usually go to. No particular reason why except that they are just a smidge past our reach. We have plenty of decent shops around where we live so for the most part we stick to our neck of the woods when it comes to checking traps.

Anyhow we were over in an industrial area of our fair town when we stumbled across a store that we hadn’t been to before. It was called “Garage Sale” or at least that’s what the big sign in front said. There was also another sign that said “Yard Sale” but “Garage Sale” was bigger so I’m going to go with that.

Garage Sale is different then a lot of stores that we retro hunt in. It’s part .99 cent store and half thrift store. Kind of weird. Half of the store was used stuff like books and whatever and the other half was light bulbs and combs from Dollar General.

We didn’t find much except for the People’s Court Board game. I didn’t buy it because my closet is jam-packed with board games that I never get around to playing and I’m afraid that one more is going to cause them avalanche down on me when I’m in there digging for old rap video VHS tapes.


The game was made in 1986 by Hoyle Products. It lists for about 20-25 bucks on Ebay. huh, it was only 2.00. I probably should have copped it…
For more info check out Board Games Geek..

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