Make you Car Stand Out with the “MONS-TURN” Car Signal Monster

I have never seen a “MONS-TURN” in my life, but these were made in Japan in the 1960s and were meant to be placed in the rear window of your car. Then you would hook it up to your turn signals and whenever you signal left, right or stop, you monster friend in the rear window would let the people behind you know what was going on as well.

The only problem I can see with this, is that, if I placed it in the rear window, I would be constantly staring at it when I used by turn signals (which I call blinkers – does anyone else do that?) So I would probably miss the monster signal in the rear window of the car ahead of me and get into an accident which would lead to a monster-related 22 car pile-up.

Here is the monster:

Oh and the box is almost as cool as the actual product inside:


This particular Mons-Turn and his box can currently be found for sale at Hake’s.


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2 thoughts on “Make you Car Stand Out with the “MONS-TURN” Car Signal Monster

  1. That looks pretty awesome! Last year for Christmas my wife bought me an electronic emoticon that mounts in the rear window of your vehicle. You can give drivers behind you smiley faces, sad faces, or angry faces. There’s no scenario I could come up with that didn’t end with me getting my butt kicked within a week or two so it’s still sitting out in the garage.

  2. Rob, if you ever do use that emoticon, PLEASE film the reactions from the other drivers…I sense some serious comedy gold! Additionally, I need this monster…

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