Pole Position with Wheels and Roadie

Pole Position

If you hear the name “Pole Position”, chances are you think of the Namco video game. Sadly, that is never the first thing that comes to my mind – I instantly hear the theme tune to the short-lived 80’s cartoon from DIC Entertainment.

This isn’t a terrible thing for me as I love the song but it does have an annoying habit of staying with me for hours until something else comes along to distract me. Have a listen below.

The crime-fighting story of Tess, Dan, Daisy, Wheels and Roadie had nothing to do with the video game though the show creators wanted the name so badly that they licensed it from Namco. I suspect they came up with that catchy theme tune and didn’t want to give it up!

The two cars, Wheels and Roadie were really cool. They were both able to transform with gadgets such as water ski’s and hover jets and the computers could be removed from the car dashboard and carried around.

For 13 episodes in the mid-80’s I was hooked on this show but watching an episode on Youtube has me wondering what kept me captivated. At least my older self can enjoy some of its quirks, such as the episode names which all have a Hitchcock connection – Dial M for Magic, To Clutch a Thief and The Thirty-Nine Stripes all sound vaguely familiar!

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