Today Marks The 78th Anniversary Of The Green Hornet!

Green Hornet - Van Williams - Bruce Lee
Well, I must admit I didn’t realize that today was such a special day. A mere 78 years ago on this day the first broadcast of the Green Hornet was heard on WXYZ! Created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker with noted input by radio director James Jewell the series would continue to run until 1952. WXYZ was the same Detroit radio station that originated the Lone Ranger radio show…and I know I mention this all the time when I’m talking about either character but the Lone Ranger is Britt Reid’s Great-Uncle.

For myself the first time I was introduced to the Green Hornet, besides my Grandparents telling me about the radio show, was when I caught reruns of the 1966 TV series starring Van Williams as Britt Reid and of course the legendary Bruce Lee as Kato.

So what better way to celebrate the legendary character than by enjoying two different forms of the media he appeared in?

From January 29, 1946 we have the Green Hornet in “Escape For Revenge”.

From February 3, 1967 we have “Bad Bet on a 459-Silent”.
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