Radio Controlled Super Hero Cars: Spider-Man vs. Captain America

Life is weird sometimes. You start off your day normally and then you spend your entire lunch hour arguing with a friend over who would win in a car race, Spider-Man or Captain America? This is the image that started the debate:


I believe Captain America would win. Why? I think he has the vehicle driving experience and the gumption to beat ol’ web head across the finish line every time.

My friend insisted that Spider-Man’s “Spidey sense” would assist him in victory, but I would think that would only be the case if the person he was racing against was putting him in danger, which is something Cap would never do. Perhaps the sense would be useful in that Spider-Man could push the limit of his vehicle and would know to pull back when he was in danger. I just don’t think that would be enough to defeat the star-spangled Avenger. What do you think?


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One thought on “Radio Controlled Super Hero Cars: Spider-Man vs. Captain America

  1. Let’s see . . . Captain America used to cruise the highways and byways in a van that included telephone gear for his hotline and a motorcycle in the back. Peter Parker used to have a running gag that, between living in Manhattan and web-swinging, he didn’t even have a driver’s licence.

    Of course Spider-Man wins! He has beginners luck on his side.

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