Louis the Lightning Bug


Growing up in a small town in Iowa, Saturday mornings were my favorite time of the week. Because nothing was better than watching episode after episode of cartoons and eating cereal out of a box featuring a lecherous looking leprechaun while your parents blissfully slept. I’ve forgotten many details about my favorite shows and my favorite episodes from that time, but I have found that many of the commercial jingles they played during the cartoons have stuck with me.

Louis the Lightning Bug had one of the most catchy commercial jingles of that time. I have not watched Saturday morning cartoons in many moons, yet often as I sit at the computer or am cooking dinner, you will hear me sing “you gotta play it safe around the power lines!”

I’m pretty sure kids don’t climb trees anymore, and that power line safety has dropped in priority over the years, but I’ll never forget Louis’ wise words. I haven’t been zapped by a power line yet.

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