“Predator Kills The Star Wars Universe” Illustration By Robert Shane!

Images courtesy of Robert Shane's deviantART Page.
Images courtesy of Robert Shane’s deviantART Page.

Now here is an interesting premise thanks to the artwork of Robert Shane over on deviantART. Could the Star Wars universe’s most famous bounty hunter be taken down by one of the Predators, obviously that above artwork says the answer would be a big affirmative. I love Bossk in this artwork by the way…he looks pretty upset to say the least, that might be a very worthy illustration for Shane to tackle next don’t you think? Trandoshan VS Predator!

Shane added this explanation for his art: “For this piece I imagined what might happen if the Predator had showed up during Empire Strikes Back in that scene when Darth Vader’s telling the assembled group of bounty hunters to go look for the Millennium Falcon. I thought this would be a good scene to add some ‘drama’ to – because in the movie all we see is the characters just standing there. And I thought of introducing the Predator to the scene as the ‘ultimate’ hunter among a bunch of amateurs!

The Predator went straight for Boba Fett – realizing that he’s the most capable of the group that Vader assembled. And he’s serving up Boba’s head to Vader as if to say “I’m better than this guy!”. The other bounty hunters are all taken by surprise and are only just reacting to what’s happened… too late! I think Vader would have known the Predator was there so isn’t phased – he’s just saying “You’re gonna have to clean that up now.”

The tagline ‘Predator kills the Star Wars universe’ is a play on words from Marvel comics’ ‘Punisher kills the Marvel universe’.”

Make sure to check out the rest of Shane’s great artwork by following the link above because the Predator isn’t the only thing invading the Star Wars universe!
Darth Vader - Alien - Robert Shane


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