Godzilla Triple Vision by Bandai

Godzilla King of the Monsters Triple Vision

When I was around 6 or 7 years old, I had a small LCD game based on Godzilla. Until recently I had forgotten all about this game, with little memory of it other than the fact it was green and that it had more than one screen.

Feeling nostalgic and curious, I had a hunt around Ebay but found little more than a slew of single screen games. Digging deeper I found the Handheld Empire website and the game of my childhood!

The 1982 game had you play on one of three screens. The first screen at the bottom was stage 1, the raised upper screen was stage 2 and the stage 3 finale was a wonderful 3D effect that had you playing across 2 screens that were moved to be on top of each other.

The stages were very basic and required little more than memorising a pattern and getting your timing right but I spent hours playing it and I remember hiding away late at night, under my bed covers with a torch for light, playing when I was meant to be sleeping!

Gundam Triple Vision

Reading further on the “Triple Vision” series of games, it seems there were two other choices available to purchase including the Space Centurion Gundam game above and a much rarer Mechanical Electric Fighter game.

(The Godzilla Triple Vision image is an amendment to an image found at Retro Games)

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