Chuck E. Cheese’s Jasper T. Jowls Advertising Bank

Chuck E. Cheese’s Jasper T. Jowls Advertising Bank

It was a pretty slow week at the flea market. There wasn’t as many vendors as usual and those that were there didn’t seem to bring as much as they normally do. Even my hated foe The Mandolin Guy didn’t have his normal 4 or 5 tables set up AND he left his mandolin at home. What’s up with that? It just wasn’t the environment I was looking for without his sweet mandolin tones floating through the air.

I think maybe the football bug had finally hit the old Flea. The locally beloved 49ers were one game away from the Superbowl and even though the game wasn’t until later in the day people seemed to be gearing up for it. People around her love their Niners…

That being said any flea market beats most things so I still had fun even though I didn’t come across anything that great. I did get up on another bank for my advertising bank collection and that’s always nice.


The band’s official website lists Jasper as a hound dog but he resembles a Basset Hound to me but whatever, he’s a dog with long droopy jowls that plays the banjo.

I think the fact that it isn’t Chuck E makes it a little bit cooler. Now, I’m not saying that Chuck E isn’t cool but he’s like, totally mainstream ya know? If you wanna be hip you have to support the other dudes in the crew, Jasper, Pasquale, Mr.Munch and so on…

The bank set me back a cool dollar but I had to dig it out of a box full of other random boring banks. That’s often how you get the bargains, by digging. You have to figure that something can’t be that important to the owner if he has it stored at the bottom of a roached out old cardboard box. The longer you have to dig the lower the price you can start your negotiating from. This time the vendor was happy with the dollar that I offered so there wasn’t any haggling. As much as I like to haggle it’s nice sometimes to just name a price and close the deal.

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