Drinking Cherry Coke Before 1985? Oh yeah!


Cherry Coke existed long before the Coca-Cola company officially introduced the flavor the world in 1985. Drug Stores and Soda Fountains often added Cherry and other flavored Syrups to their Coke for a fruity flavor boost. My mother would take us to a diner in New Jersey (the land of diners) that still practiced this trend and every time we went I would try some new flavored Coca-Cola. In addition to cherry, I had grape, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, orange, apple and I am sure a few that I am forgetting. While I enjoy a good cherry coke and I have been drinking it since it came out, it tastes nothing like those fresh cold custom Cokes my mom bought me all those years ago.

I can still picture the bubbling glass and my mother tell me to slow down as I started chugging the glass to wash down the way too hot disco fries we were splitting.


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