Star Wars Vinyl Figure Carrying Case

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Back before the plastic Darth Vader-shaped carrying cases were released, we had these — the Star Wars vinyl carrying case, originally released in 1979.

Inside, the case contains two plastic trays. Each tray holds 12 action figures: 8 normal sized, 2 slightly taller, and 2 slightly shorter. In the early days the taller slots were for Chewbacca and Darth Vader while the smaller ones held R2-D2, R5-D4, jawas and Gonk the power droid. When flipped upside down, the trays had small pegs which could be used to display your figures.

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The vinyl carrying case was rebranded a few times. It was released with Star Wars graphics in 1979, twice with different Empire-related graphics in 1981 and 1982, and once again with Return of the Jedi graphics in 1983. Although perhaps not as iconic as the Darth Vader (1980), C-3P0 (1983), Chewbacca Bandolier Strap (1983) and Laser Rifle (1984) carrying cases, the vinyl carrying case was my first and will always be worth owning in my mind.

Due to years of use and abuse my original carrying case eventually either broke or fell apart and ended up in the Death Star’s trash compactor. I was able to pick up this inexpensive replacement recently and wasted no time in filling it up with some spare figures.

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