The Superman Movie Board Games

1979 Superman The Movie Game

Did you know that the Christopher Reeve era Superman films had tie-in board games released? I didn’t, so when I stumbled upon some pictures of them recently, I needed to know more.

Sadly the internet has failed me in my quest for knowledge. Other than an image to prove its existence, I can’t find any information about the first movie game. The game looks terrible though, perhaps explaining why the game seems to have released only in Greece!

1981 Superman II Milton Bradley

Thankfully, Superman 2 from MB in 1981 looks like a better effort, tasking you with capturing the three villain’s from the film and getting to the Fortress of Solitude.

1983 Superman III Parker Brothers

The 1983 Parker Brothers board game for Superman 3 is probably the most interesting. It has the “III” logo and states that it is based on the movie but as far as I can see, the game artwork is based on comics and I see no sign of Richard Pryor or anything else from the film!

Nuclear Man Says No!

As far as I can tell, Superman IV’s Quest for Peace didn’t receive a board game. I suspect that is why Nuclear Man above is so upset? Possibly.

More information about these and other Superman board games can be found at

Images for the games above are from a collection posted by someone calling themself Titanfan. Their Super-Hero Game Collection is amazing and I’ll certainly be posting more from the collection in the future!

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