Genuine Nerd Toby Radloff’s “The Cheese Test”


If you saw the movie, “American Splendor”, you probably enjoyed the character of Toby who was portrayed by Judah Friedlander. Toby, like the other characters in the film, was based on a real person, Toby Radloff. Toby, who is a self-proclaimed, “Genuine Nerd”, did some promos for Mtv back in the 1980s. He also appeared in a larger role on a local access show that was produced in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, The Eddie Marshall Show.

He did a couple of different segments, but my favorite by far was this one where discusses the foods he loves. I enjoy how Toby makes bold claims about the favorite foods of nerds. Although I gotta agree with him about cheese. Cheese is amazing. If you put it in front of me, I gotta have it.

Cheese if good for you.


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