Ever Wonder what happens at Midnight at McDonald’s?


Did you ever wonder how McDonald’s is able to keep costs down? The answer is of course, magic. When the lights go off at midnight, Ronald McDonald, Grimace, The Hamburglar, Captain Crook, Birdie, the Fry Guys and the rest of the McDonaldland spring into action helping to get each restaurant ready for breakfast the next morning.

I have always really liked this ad. It has a lot of the characters and more importantly it shows them interacting with the “real” world, not just playing around in McDonaldland or playing with some specially chosen kids (that were never me).

Plus it adds an important component to the McDonald’s mythology. These are not just mascots, but they are active participants in setting the stage for your fast food enjoyment. This is exactly how a kid would dream things get done in their favorite fast food place which makes this a brilliant piece of advertising.


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