Snow White buys all her Food at Safeway??


You would think that having a psuedo-Disney spokescharacter talking up Safeway wouldn’t be an effective way to get people into the store. We did not have Safeways in my area growing up, but the young Disney fanatics that I was would have bugged my Mother for weeks on end to shift our shopping to a Safeway store in the hopes that I would run into Snow White, or more importantly, one of the dwarves.

She would have tried to explain to me that Snow White would not be there or maybe even that Snow White is a made-up character. I would have half-listened to her, the whole time thinking about that time we went to Disney World and saw all the characters, and then I would have restarted my pleading about an hour later.

So, I guess this is a good commercial. It targeted nagging little Disneyphiles like me and that sort of advertising converts into high-pitched nagging that runs 24/7. Money well spent Safeway.

Do you see what she is buying?


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