Documentary Trailer For “Doomed!” The Untold Story Of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four - Roger Corman
Around 1994 I was working at a local video store in my neck of the woods and one of my co-workers pointed out something on the large television we had playing in the store. She said it looked like a comic book film, knowing I was a comic book junkie she took over my spot so that I could walk out on to the floor and see the trailer for myself when it was replayed.

It was an obvious rough cut teaser for the then upcoming Fantastic Four live-action film that was being released by Roger Corman’s production company New Horizons and I was pretty blown away by what I was seeing, it looked like we were finally getting an honest to goodness theatrical adaptation for Marvel’s First Family.

It doesn’t hurt they were using some of James Horner’s soundtrack from Corman’s Battle Beyond the Stars!

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The sad fact though came later when the film didn’t get released and was never intended to be released as we later learned. Which to me was kind of heartbreaking for the actors and crew involved with trying to bring their vision of the Fantastic Four to the masses. I recall seeing something about it on Entertainment Tonight where they were interviewing effects teams that were donating their time and energy to the film in an attempt to get it released…but to no avail. I did get to see the movie a couple of years later thanks to a bootleg copy I purchased at the San Diego Comic-Con and I won’t lie, it is low budget but I sure had a lot of fun watching it, and most importantly it stayed true to the spirit of the comic book itself.

Thanks to Marty Langford, Mark Sikes, and Oktay Ortabasi we now have a documentary coming out to help shine the light on the production and crew of the film entitled “Doomed!”, besides interviewing all of the principal actors in the film it will also go into details on what exactly happened behind the scenes that wrecked the release of the film in the first place.

Make sure to visit DoomedTheMovie.Com for more details including purchasing some nice items and extras and showing your support for this neat looking documentary!

A big thanks by the way to Photon City News for the heads up on the documentary.


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