We have No Banana Fig Newtons Today…


I often wonder if the Nabisco company knew that showing a chimpanzee in a commercial would easily double Fig Newton consumption in my childhood? I loved this ad when I was younger and would go around singing it to myself. The problem with it thought, was that the message of the commercial was lost on me. We would go to the store month after month during my “Newton Cookie Phase” and when my Mom asked me what type of cookie I wanted to have, I would always ask if we could try those new Banana Fig Newtons. That is right, the very thing they were telling me they did not have, was what I took away from this commercial.

It took about 6 months of not finding Banana Newtons before I realized what was going on and then this commercial made a whole lot more sense. They have NO BANANA NEWTONS! That is why the chimp is so sad. I guess the takeaway is that, I was not a very sharp kid and I am very easily distracted by apes.


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