Clint and Clyde from “Every Which Way But Loose”

I started watching “Every Which Way But Loose” when HBO started show it and its sequel “Any Which Way You Can”. I cannot say with any certainty that I has developed into a Clint Eastwood fan at this point. I had seen a few of his film, but he was not the draw for me on these movies. No, what I wanted to see was the antics of a certain orangutan named Manis who played Clyde.

Manis has a short resume. He was just in “Every Which Way But Loose”. After it wrapped and before they started shooting the sequel he had grown and changed physically and no longer resembled the Clyde you saw on-screen. So for the sequel a new orangutan was brought in to play this very important role. Sadly just a couple of days after “Any Which Way You Can” wrapped, this replacement Clyde died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Both of these films did very well at the box office and were some of the biggest money makers for Mr. Eastwood. I am not sure they go over well with a modern audience. Way too many people I bring these films up to, have never even heard of them, or they remember Clyde, but have never seen the entire film.

Because so few people seem to be proclaiming their love for the films, I never expected to find any fan art related to the film, but a quick search later and some artistic fans were found. Not a ton, but any is better than none.


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2 thoughts on “Clint and Clyde from “Every Which Way But Loose”

  1. Dudley88 says:

    I’ve liked both of these films ever since I first saw them when I was in junior high. At that time, Eastwood was THE movie tough guy. The Clint/Clyde movies showed his lighter side (although they had their share of violence).
    One thing that has always impressed my about Clint is that had the brains to take control of his own career from early on. The man’s nobody’s fool.

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