Thumbing Through Vintage Star Wars Magazines

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Like a lot of kids who grew up in the 70s and 80s, I went crazy every time a new magazine hit the stands with Star Wars on the cover. Magazines like Us! and People were often located near the checkout lanes of our local grocery store, ensuring that moms and kids alike would notice them.

The People and Us! magazines were bought by me new off the rack in 1980. The copies of Fantastic Films and the Famous Monsters’ Star Wars Spectacular were picked up a few years later at a local bookstore. All of these are good reference material and are full of behind the scenes pictures as well. They certainly bring back a lot of memories while thumbing through them.

Here are the dates of the magazines shown above.

People: June 9, 1980
People: July 7, 1980
Us!: July 22, 1980
People: August 14, 1978
Fantastic Films: August, 1980
Star Wars Spectacular (Famous Monsters): 1977

This are a couple of my favorite quotes from the 1978 issue of People:

“Like Disney before him, [Lucas] is spinning his fantasy into an industry. There will be nothing tackily called Star Wars II, but no less than 11 sequels are on the drawing boards. The first is already in progress under the working title of ‘The Empire Strikes Back.'”

“Of the major humanoids, only Sir Alec Guinness will be missing — actually, seer Obi-Wan Kenobi dueled to the death with Darth Vader in the original, but he may be revived in the second sequel. There is to be a romantic entanglement this time, though the scenario is the most closely guarded in recent movie history. But since Hamill is contracted for two sequels and Ford for only one, the likelihood is that Luke Skywalker will ace out Han Solo for the affections of Princess Leia.”

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