Like a MegaForce


There has never been a super hero like Ace Hunter!

I had the pleasure of re-watching an amazing movie from my youth recently – MegaForce, starring Barry Bostwick.

I use the work ‘amazing’ with a touch of sarcasm as this 1982 action film, with hindsight, isn’t the best of its kind. My 8-year-old self loved it though, and I think the 35-year-old me still does.

The film trailer above is actually much worse than the movie, failing to spark any enthusiasm for the source material. Perhaps that is why the film bombed when it hit the cinemas.

Despite what you might think of the acting, special effects or story, MegaForce does have one brilliant feature – the theme tune by a group called 707 is classic 80’s soft rock which gets you singing “like a Mega Force” at every chorus.

I’m sure my younger self would have loved a MegaForce Membership Kit too with an official MegaForce patch!

megaforce membership kit

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