Dow Scrubbing Bubbles Piggy Bank
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Dow Scrubbing Bubbles Piggy Bank

Well, it happened again. What you ask? Well, it so happened that I got to the flea market really late, again. I feel like such a lame about that but what can you do? It’s so cold out that my bed’s warm embrace is almost inescapable. Still though, wanna find the good stuff then you gotta leave your bed. It’s hard out there but what can you do? The life of a flea market fanatic has its hardships.

Anyway, me and the wife got to the flea late (again) but there was still a decent amount of vendors remaining. I think that the cold weather and the holidays tag teamed and kept other fools aside from myself in the sack. That’s a good thing. By arriving at all on such a chilly morning I managed to beat the people who didn’t even come. You have to take your wins where you can get them.

We poked around for a while, looked at some records and comics that one of our favorite sellers had on his blanket. It’s a blanket style flea market. Some people bring tables and easy ups but the majority of the vendors fill their space with blankets or rugs and put their items on top of them.

So, we poked around the blankets and found a couple of albums for a dollar each. That’s the going rate around here. Sometimes they might go as high as two dollars but that’s rare.

I was pretty much striking out when it came to retro things (outside of the records) until I came across the Scrubbing Bubbles piggy bank. I was smitten. It combines two of my favorite things, banks and advertising characters. It’s not highly retro because it was manufactured in 1992 but that’s over 20 years old and only getting older everyday.

[via] I See Robots
[via] I See Robots

Scrubbing Bubble2

I’m more into the 70’s and 80’s but the 90’s are rapidly becoming retro too. When I ask my daughter her opinion of various things from history the 90’s are to her what the 60’s were to me, my parents generation.

To a modern kid their parents generation covers everything from the 1960’s up until the day they were born. To her The Beatles were around at the same time as Nirvana and Run-DMC. Weird but true.

Sorry about the sidebar there, anyway, I loved the bank but did not want to pay more than 10 dollars for it. I had no base of knowledge about the bubble so it was up to the vendor to name the price. If you have an idea about what something should cost you can lead the bargaining by naming the opening price.The opener is crucially important to a good bargain because try as you might if you want the thing you will end up paying somewhere around what the seller is asking in the first place but if you start off the bargaining with a low but decent offer you can sometimes get what you want for much less. Not always but sometimes.

I was in luck this time because he said that he wanted 10 dollars for it. At that point it’s in the bag. I had enough to cover it and knew that I was going to be able to get it so all that remains to be seen is how much I’m gonna be able to get it for. I countered with a low offer of 5 dollars before eventually settling on 7.

I could tell that he wanted the whole 10 because he gave me the deal about how he’s only letting it go because he knew that it was going to a good home with someone who would appreciate it. I mean, he was right about that but from the way that he said it, it was clear that he was only trying to make himself feel better about not getting the better of the deal. Sure, it’s only 3 dollars and in reality he probably expected to get 7 when he asked for 10 but it’s important to feel like a winner whenever you can. In real life victories are few and far between.

Online the bank sells anywhere from 10 dollars to as high as 100 (really!) so in reality 7 dollars is the right price for a bank that’s in the mediocre shape that mine is. While not a centerpiece in my retro collection it’s a nice thing and I’m happy to have gotten it. Like I said earlier I like banks.

I have this idea that someday I’ll fill all of the banks in my collection and take the money and buy something cool like a new computer or maybe a key collector comic like the first appearance of Wolverine (The Incredible Hulk #180) but I always wind up pillaging them for change when I need to ride the bus or something..


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  1. That’s a cool bank. I think it’s pretty retro even for a ’90s find. It has the soul of a ’60s goodie, and for pleasure-seekers like yourself that’s all that counts. The worth of something is only the fun you get out of it. When I see “Antiques Roadshow” I’m always like, sell that ugly crap to some rich idiot if it’s worth $10,000!

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