Sci-Fi Sunday: Beginning Of The End (1957)

SciFi Sunday
Welcome back to the latest installment of Sci-Fi Sunday! This week we are watching the 1957 cult film “Beginning of the End”, which was originally released on June 28, 1957. This film was directed by Bert I. Gordon (Village of the Giants, Food of the Gods, Empire of the Ants), or as “Mr. B.I.G.” as the late Forrest J. Ackerman used to call him. The story is one that Gordon would revisit quite a bit as a director, mainly some type of animal growing to enormous size and causing mass hysteria and devastation in their wake. In this case it’s giant grasshoppers that were created at a secret Illinois State farm.

Image courtesy of IMP Awards.
Image courtesy of IMP Awards.

The films stars Peter Graves (Mission Impossible, Airplane) as Dr. Ed Wainwright, the one inadvertently responsible for the enormous grasshoppers thanks to his research in producing equally giant vegetables. Peggie Castle (Invasion U.S.A., Target Zero) co-stars as Audrey Aimes, a journalist who is one of the first people to stumble on the growing menace to the world.

A bit of gruesome trivia for you…they started out with 200 grasshoppers when the production began but they started to cannibalize each other so that when shooting had wrapped there were only a dozen left.

Can the two alert the higher-ups in the Military in time to save the world? Well, find out and join us for Sci-Fin Sunday as we witness the “Beginning of the End”!
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A big thanks as always to IMP Awards for the original poster you see above.


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