Retro Radio Memories: BlackStone The Magic Detective – “The Phantom Intermezzo” (1949)

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Welcome back to a new Retro Radio Memories! This time we have an episode of the Blackstone The Magic Detective Radio program for your listening enjoyment entitled “The Phantom Intermezzo”. Originally broadcast on the Mutual Broadcasting network back on January 23, 1949 it focused on the real-life magician Harry Blackstone Sr. Treated as a past adventure that Blackstone (Played by Ed Jerome) was telling his friends John (Ted Osborne) and Rhoda (Fran Carlon), he would also appear at the end of each 13 – 14 minute episode with a trick that listeners could perform for their own friends.

The writer for the series was Walter B. Gibson, who also ghostwrote the pulps for Blackstone Sr., that name may sound familiar…Gibson was the main writer for the Shadow Pulp Novels, creating over 300 novels for the shadowy avenger. It makes sense that Gibson did the Ghostwriting for Blackstone Sr. as the author was a professional magician himself.

So take a few minutes for yourself and come join us as we investigate “The Phantom Intermezzo”!


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