Like Video Game Inspired Music? Listen to Sound Bytes – Episode 2


For literally thousands of years, artists from the furthest reaches of the galaxy have been uploading videogame inspired music to The Retroist Music Pool. In Sound Bytes, one fast-talking idiot attempts to collate this billion century collective content in an entertaining manner by speaking really, really fast.

This episode includes:

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Peachy is knee deep in old consoles and has approximately 450 items on his amazon wish-list. Questions?

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One thought on “Like Video Game Inspired Music? Listen to Sound Bytes – Episode 2

  1. MCP says:

    This is much more your speed, Peachy. Reviewing classic video games is something you should stay far, far away from. Especially when you have exactly zero skill or patience to play them.

    Congratulations on being one of the five people left on this earth that still link to their MySpace account. Hopefully one of your friends or family member will drag you out of 2003.

    -End Of Line

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