Vic’s Retro New Year’s Eve: Of The Bard’s Tale III and Great Bluedini!

You have to make sure that the Great Bluedini is properly stored...for almost 24 years.

You have to make sure that the Great Bluedini is properly stored…for almost 24 years.

I certainly hope everyone had a very safe and Happy New Year, looking around the Retroist Vault this evening it seems I’m the only one that made it in.

As for myself I spent the evening working at the Arkadia Retrocade where we had some very special entertainment for the large crowd of gamers. I dipped into my personal stash of Kool-Aid’s Great Bluedini! My friends, I do mean these are the packets I bought when the NES was King and Batman Returns was one of my favorite films, I’ve kept them in a nice and airtight container away from the damaging rays of the sun, hoarding them for special occasions. It was a great bit of fun for me to share that wonderful Bluedini taste with so many people who had not had the pleasure before.

Once the clock struck Midnight at the arcade, the usual music was replaced by the thrilling “Italian Spider-Man” theme song and I am proud to say that more than a handful of revelers began dancing to it. Which even though I am merely an employee of the arcade I took great pride in that people were having that much fun and I was a little part of that. It probably helped that everyone was hopped up on the Great Bluedini.

The greatest moment of the night came however when we decided to celebrate the New Year with a rousing game of the Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate on the Commodore 64! It would have been enough to wander the ruins of Skara Brae once again with so many friends of Arkadia around me…but in a stack of floppy disks that I had donated to the arcade we found my original Bard’s Tale III character disk!

I do apologize but my camera phone is the worst.

I do apologize but my camera phone is the worst.

So thanks to that discovery, my brave and stalwart party were once again able to venture forth to try and bring low the Mad God Tarjan, for the first time since 1988! Right after they dealt with this pesky Rock Man and his goons.
Bards Tale III - Rock Man

It was a surreal and very magical experience to be sure. With 24-year-old Kool-Aid in my belly, great friends and old digital allies, it was certainly a wonderful start to 2014! But the end of had me pulling off an old Super Mario Bros. trick like I did the previous New Year’s Eve…warping to Minus World.

Super Mario Bros - Minus World B

Super Mario Bros - Minus World


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8 thoughts on “Vic’s Retro New Year’s Eve: Of The Bard’s Tale III and Great Bluedini!

  1. You guys need to SLOW down! Way too crazy!

    BTW, I LOVED THE GREAT BLUEDINI. It was the greatest Kool Aid flavor ever. I had no idea it wasn’t around anymore

    I’m starting 2014 with a tear for Bluedini!

  2. vinvectrex says:

    2014 is bound to be spectacular when you kick it off in the right style. Glad to hear Arkadia is doing well.

  3. Vic
    I really enjoyed this article. Seriously man, good stuff. I can almost taste the bluedini from here. I need some of that STAT! Whip a pack out my way! Forget Heisenberg, that’s the real blue stuff if you ask me…

  4. Thanks, my friends! I was able to piece together a very short vid of that midnight hour celebration. Just follow the link. :)

    The bad part about the Great Bluedini and it’s not short supply is how good it is…I’d love to just tear into a packet now but it has to be saved for future special occasions!

  5. Retroist, you were certainly there in spirit. I mean…we’ve got three Rubik’s Cubes at the snack bar. :)

    Hm…I might have to do that I See Robots! :)

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