Flea Market Finds: Incredible Hulk Lunch Box

Flea Market Finds: Incredible Hulk Lunch Box

Me and the wife hit up our local flea market this past weekend as we are wont to do. Being that it was the holiday season there weren’t as many vendors as there sometimes are. That’s ok, it just gives you more time to look at the stuff that’s there. I like that. Sometimes when you are at a big flea you tend to gloss over some of the stuff that’s scattered around on and under the tables so that you can move on to the stuff that is more visually appealing, ignoring the chance to dig into the boxes for gold.

I like to look for retro things like records or comics, toys too if they aren’t expensive but with the rise off The Toy Hunter and other collector shows I don’t find as many GI Joe figures and other such things as I used to. I think people are holding on to their things in case The Toy Hunter decides to pay a visit. That’s just conjecture though. I might just not get there early enough to find the good stuff. I like to sleep in on Sunday and as every good Flea Marketeer knows, sunrise is already too late.

Anyhow, we rolled into the Flea and started looking around when I saw that beautiful Hulk lunchbox. Then I had that feeling. You know the one. The overwhelming nostalgia that you get when you see something that you haven’t seen or thought about in years but is just below the surface waiting to pop back in to your head. Dudes, this was the lunchbox I carried in 1st grade!

I have pictures of me with the box on my way to school. I was gobsmacked and totally overwhelmed. I was ready to pay a steep price if necessary. I don’t know about you but I’m a bit on the cheap side so anything more than 10 dollars at the flea market is steep to me. Ya, I’m a miser.



I approached the dude with a couple of small trinkets from his booth just to get a feel for what I might expect to pay. He gave me a real low price for a pair of Santa Claus salt and pepper shakers so I got my courage up and asked “Hey, that’s pretty cool. How much for that lunchbox?”

He replied to me that it was a smooth 20 bucks. Ugh, I had to have it though so I happily handed over the loot. I made the cardinal sin of paying the asking price but like I’ve already mentioned. I had to have it. I had to.

20 dollars for a vintage lunchbox is a really great price though. I’ve done a bit of research and have seen the lunchbox selling for as high as 150 bucks which is nuts if you ask me. Let me clear that up. I’ve seen people asking 150 bucks and that doesn’t mean that someone was paying that. It’s just what someone thinks you might pay for it. Big difference.

Overall, it was a good buy. I’m happy with it and really that’s what matters


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  1. Nice. That lunchbox is in great shape. I hope you use it to take your lunch to the library. This post made me happy.

  2. SO worth it! Here in Colorado.. people are asking 60 to 70 for lunch boxes that are pretty beat up.

  3. thanks Sara! sadly, I use a used pokemon lunchbox for work. One of the creeps I work with at Central would for sure gaffle a Hulk lunchbox on the quick if I brought it in. They are savages and not to be trusted..

  4. A good price for a flea market find. Best lunchbox bargain I have found recently was an Adam 12 for $10! That almost never happens.

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