Do You Remember This 1982 Donkey Kong Coloring Book?

It was authorized!
It was authorized!

This is one of the many “treasures” I uncovered while cleaning out the massive mess that was the backroom of my house a couple of months back. I wasn’t aware of their being Donkey Kong knock-off coloring books but I guess it was a problem if this particular coloring book needed to have an authorized notice upon the cover.

The info on the inside says it was released in 1982 by Modern Promotions/Publishers which was a division of Unisystems, Inc. based in New York, New York. The story reveals what actually is going on while we play Donkey Kong…SPOILERS…it involves a shrink ray!

Donkey Kong - Coloring Book A

Donkey Kong - Coloring Book B

Donkey Kong - Coloring Book C1

Donkey Kong - Coloring Book C

So now you know! When playing Donkey Kong you are actually in control of real people!


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